M1-.55 oz Airbrush Moisturizer

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When it comes to a superior airbrush product; the Luminess Airbrush Moisturizer/Primer provides a perfect blend of skincare and primer. This moisturizer hydrates skin to prevent dryness and soften fine, dry lines while priming action re-texturizes skin for a smooth, flawless canvas. Our Moisturizer/Primer contains olive and vitamin E extract giving skin a rich botanical antioxidant enhancement.  Can be applied before or after foundation. This Moisturizer/Primer is water based and OIL-FREE; perfect for everyday use.



Applied Luminess’ producs for the first time today and found this system easy to use and effective. I absolutely love Luminess and can’t wait to try other products.
Can you use it with the Silk foundation?
Can you use it with the Silk foundation?
This is a really fine product. Goes on wonderfully cool and refreshing as all the products do. I enjoy putting this on Everyday with the machine. What I cannot emphasize enough about these products is that you are doing such a sweet kindness to your skin by NOT PULLING OR STRETCHING YOUR SKIN....while applying these products. How great is that? I ask you? This from someone who is 57 has wrinkles and sagging skin. Keeps skin protected. Great product.
Love this product!
love the makeup and products.
I love this! I just ordered some more, because I ran out. I can't wait till it gets here as my skin feels much better with it than without it. (Brenda), I too am a redhead with very sensitive skin issues as well as other skin conditions--I can relate. This product is awesome!
Just received my first big bottle, had previously only used the quarter oz bottle,, and I was amazed to see Now with SUNSCREEN typed at top under Airbrush Moisturizer. Thanks for that. I am a redhead of Irish decent with skin sensitivity issues.. I had never before found a sunscreen with or without moisturizer that I have been able to wear on my face without getting a rash or break out.. This is a first.. Sunscreen without oily residue.
I'm addicted to this one,light on my face and does the works!I have oily and sensitive skin that breaks out using my other brands.I said goodbye to them and I only use Luminess goodies on my face and never had problem anymore!!!!
Love this primer,especially since I can put it on hands free. U just feel special.
I absolutely love the moisturizing primer! It's weightless and looks as great as it feels. It's a must have!
This product is lovely - feels cool to the face goes on smoothly and moisturizers your face. It's by far one of my favorite products from Luminess. I have normal-to-dry skin (yes, I have dry spots) and it nurtures those dry spots because my face looks and feels soft and smooth. Thank you Luminess Air for another great product!
It is very light to feel when you spary with the gun and doesn't have nice fragrance. Some people who is sensitive to strong perfume like scent in the cosmetic product might like it and so do I. The other thing is that it was kind of cooling while spraying since it is water based moisturizer. But I don't believe that it won't full feel people who has extreamly dry skin as me. I really did not feel anything after spraying it on my face.
This is by far one of the best products Luminess Air offers - keeps my skin smooth and moisturized all day. In addition to making my skin feel light and hydrated. I use it before putting on my foundation -it goes on well leaving a beautiful light sheen. Highly recommend 😊
Me encanta este producto mi piel es muy sensible este es el único producto que nunca me irritó la piel. Y mí cara se mira mas suave y joven..