The Lovers Series 6-piece Eyeshadow Palette

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The power to know more about one’s self and one’s destiny is an ever-present lure that has captivated humankind for centuries. We’ve looked for our futures in the stars that light the night sky, the leaves that await us at the end of our tea and the crystal ball that tells the psychic our deepest secrets. But, perhaps the simplest, most trusted source of self-awareness stems from reading tarot cards. Reading tarot cards allows us to know more about our relationships, decisions, and, ultimately, ourselves. That power of self is what inspired the new collection of Luminess Tarot Series Eyeshadow Palettes. With complementing colors strategically selected to represent each of the six Major Arcana Tarot Cards we’ve selected, these four palettes enable everyone to color their own destiny. Buy the entire collection.
• Highly-pigmented colors in a creamy formula that dries to a powder finish, leaving no fall out.
• Versatile eyeshadow colors to complement every skin tone
• Combination of mattes and metallics for any mood
• Empowering selection of six colors in every palette
• Rich, velvety, blendable shades that last all day (and night)
• Protective metal casing with magnetic closure
• Beautiful, unique designs for the ultimate palette fashion
•Synthetic brushes to maximize pigment pick up and prevent fall out.
What It Includes:
0.204 oz/5.8 Grams x 6 Luminess Eyeshadow Palette Collection: Tarot Series, available in The Lovers, The Moon, The World and Strength


I was introduced to this beautiful pallet. So happy I bought it. Love mine
So gorgeous! So pigmented! Can use as highlighter and eyeshadow!! This totally ups the eye shadow game. Gorgeous packaging matches the gorgeous colors!!
I seen this in a magazine so I purchased it and I was not disappointed! THANK YOU Luminess!
This is Hands down my favorite eyeshadow pallet! Perfect for everyday use for multiple different looks!
I have all of these eyesjadows i love how rjey are so highly pigmented. They come pn smooth and so bendable my favorite part is no fall outs. Love thes shadows
The Nude palette is so pretty!! There is a perfect combo of shimmer and matte colors in this palette. The PERFECT nudes!
These eyeshadow palettes are the best. The colors are absolutely beautiful and last all day
I ordered The Moon and it's so beautiful. I have to say that the packaging far, far exceeds my expectations! Whoever is designing these palettes has an eye for elegance and sophistication beyond any makeup company I have every seen. They are gorgeous! The eyeshadow delivers gorgeous, pigmented color with no fallout whatsoever. The colors in The Moon are truly ethereal! Love, Love, Love!
The colors are stupendous. At first I thought they might be overpriced until I received my first one. The palette is enormous with a large amount of eyeshadow in each well of the palette. They are creamy and yet soft and powdery after being put on. I do have one problem. It is the young lady in the video. She really does not know how to pronounce the word Tarot. She keeps saying" tair ut" or "tair ot" with a short O and a hard T. The word is pronounced "Tair ro" with a long O and not T sound at all. Is there any way to correct her? It is very annoying.
I absolutely love this eyeshadow formula super pigmented zero fallout or creasing with staying power! Yes please! I ordered two then got the other two when i saw them in person!!!